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6/20/23, 1:25 PM - 6/20/23, 1:35 PM (US/Pacific) (10 minutes)

Bob Nunn

Bob is the CEO of Everactive, a start-up company building batteryless IoT solutions that unlock valuable new data streams using micro renewable energy sources. Prior to Everactive, Bob was Managing Director at Intel Capital focused on Data Center technologies, having joined Intel in 2011 as part of their acquisition of Fulcrum Microsystems, where he served as CEO for 10 years. Bob is a graduate of UCLA's School of Engineering and Harvard Business School.

Everactive’s batteryless and wireless sensors generate a new class of continuous data streams, feeding analytics systems in the world's most innovative factories. Leveraging technology spun out of research labs at the University of Michigan and the University of Virginia in 2012; the company has amassed a robust IP portfolio enabling small form-factor wireless devices to operate indefinitely from tiny amounts of harvested energy. Currently monitoring more than 15,000 industrial assets, Everactive has consistently demonstrated quantifiable returns to a diversified customer base that spans the food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, consumer packaged goods, oil & gas, and facilities management sectors.