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Testimonials from Entrepreneurs

These testimonials highlight the positive experiences and outcomes that entrepreneurs have had while partnering with iCFO Capital Global. The testimonials showcase the company's ability to provide tailored financial solutions, strategic guidance, fundraising support, and industry-specific expertise to help startups and businesses achieve their goals.

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Tim Patrick • CEO of VentisPharma

" ICFO was very helpful, very professional in assisting Ventis Pharma connect with interested investor parties. The Team at ICFO was outstanding in providing all contact information and setting up great appointments for us. The bottom line is that ICFO was very successful in setting up investment opportunities and we should have contacted them much sooner. The investor rounds that took place were outstanding and being able to speak with multiple investors in a single day was outstanding.

The ICFO team was very organized and this process was extremely successful for our company and the potential investors. The support the ICFO provided us made the process very easy as well as successful. The ICFO team was extremely professional and their expertise provided great comfort to our organization. The team again was outstanding in support us as a client.  ICFO provided our company with multiple investors that were interested in investing. We hope to be closing our funding in the next 30 days. ICFO was the best company of the five we used to set us up with potential investors. 

We are very satisfied with the results ICFO provided in addition to the great support, professionalism they provide our organization. I would refer them to any start up! Thank you for everything you did for us! "


Deborah Simpson • CEO of SeedMex

" We hired iCFO to help us with introductions. They provided quality professional services. They helped our company connect to quality partners. We only used iCFO for a few months but the benefits far outweighed the cost."


Alicia Long • CEO of Nutr

"I can't express how grateful we are for the incredible fundraising services provided by ICFO. From the moment we partnered with them, it was clear that we had made the right choice. Their team's dedication, expertise, and unwavering support were instrumental in helping us exceed our fundraising goals beyond our wildest expectations.

The ICFO team's strategic approach and innovative ideas breathed new life into our fundraising campaigns. Especially our rep Johnny Rivera. He took the time to truly understand our mission and tailor their efforts to align with our values and objectives. Their creativity shone through in every aspect, from crafting compelling fundraising messages to designing eye-catching materials that resonated deeply with our supporters.

Their professionalism and genuine commitment to our cause were evident in every interaction, making the entire fundraising journey a seamless and uplifting experience. We wholeheartedly recommend their fundraising services to any organization looking to elevate their fundraising game and make a real difference. Their expertise and passion are a winning combination that delivers exceptional results."


​Isaiah Cox • CEO of WheelTug plc

"My company has worked with ICFO for several months now, and I am pleased to report that it was money very well spent. Their team is professional, diligent, courteous, and, above all, gets results. As a result of the meetings set up by ICFO, my company is in advanced stages with several prospective investment partners, teams with whom we had never had prior contact, and who were equally pleased to discover my company and the opportunities we offer as both an investment and a force for positive change across commercial aviation. We have worked with many networking organizations over our history, including several in parallel with ICFO. ICFO has proven to be the best choice of all!"


Sandro Piancone • CEO of VidBox

"iCFO Capital Global's support has been invaluable in scaling our consumer products startup. Their team's industry knowledge, combined with their deep understanding of financial management, has allowed us to navigate complex challenges and capitalize on opportunities. Their guidance in securing grants and incentives, as well as their strategic financial planning, have significantly contributed to our growth. I highly recommend iCFO Capital Global to any entrepreneur in the CGP sector."


Bob Nunn• CEO of Everactive, Inc.

"The iCFO Capital team was a pleasure to work with. They are organized, efficient and do an excellent job following through on commitments. Overall, iCFO Capital proved to be an efficient means to quickly get our message in front of a significant number of qualified investors."


Frank Brent • CEO of Brent Floating Farms

"The team at iCFO Capital Global truly understands the challenges faced by entrepreneurs and provides tailored capital solutions that make a tangible difference. I highly recommend their services."


Gary Goldstein • CEO of Insynctive, Inc.

"Working with iCFO Capital Global has been a game-changer for our company. Their expertise and guidance in financial strategy and fundraising have helped us get connected with Investors. I highly recommend their services to any startup looking to take their business to the next level."


​Frank Bashore • CEO of 4M&I, LLC 

"When we approached iCFO Capital Global, we were struggling to secure funding for our ambitious FinTech project. Their team quickly grasped the potential of our technology and devised a comprehensive fundraising strategy. With their assistance, we successfully raised the necessary capital to bring our product to market. iCFO Capital Global's expertise in investor relations and their vast network of contacts made all the difference. We are incredibly grateful for their support and highly recommend their services to other entrepreneurs seeking funding."


Cole Smith • CEO of Green Zebra

"Working with iCFO Capital Global has been a game-changer for our SaaS startup. Their team's expertise in financial analysis and fundraising has helped us secure investment and expand our operations. They provided valuable insights on our business model, helped us refine our financial projections, and connected us with potential investors. Their dedication to our success and their unwavering support have been crucial to our growth."


Edgar Ortiz • VP of 4M&I, LLC 

"Allows us to interact with investors..."


George Rebensdorf • CEO of oVIO Technologies

"It's a good form for people to present their products..."


​Kimberly Weiss • CEO of Three Phase Electric

"iCFO Capital has been very helpful..."


Andrew Musliner • CEO of InRoad Toys

"iCFO has a large assembly of Investors..."


Steve Ward • CEO of Future N Focus Dream Catcher

"iCFO help me to prepare for capital raise and they have given me access to a network of Investors...


David Martin • CEO of EcoGem, LLC

"My experience working with iCFO has been great, they help me to gain access to investors..."