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Singapore Fixed Assets Loan


Fixed Assets Loan 

iCFO Singapore Capital ProgrThe ICFO Singapore Capital Program (ISCP) - Fixed Assets Loan is a specialized financial solution designed for ISCPs to bolster their investments in both domestic and overseas fixed assets. Our dedication to supporting businesses' growth objectives is evident in the comprehensive features of this loan offering.

iCFO Singapore Capital Program – Fixed Assets Loan

When you choose iCFO Capital Global as your Investor Relations partner, you are aligning with a team of experts who are genuinely invested in your success. We acknowledge the unique capital demands of each business and the pivotal role of investor relations in obtaining funding. With our proficiency, vast network, and time-tested procedures, we empower entities to efficiently sail the journey toward acquiring the funding that turbocharges business progression. Trust in iCFO Capital Global to be your strategic collaborator, equipping you with the insights and backing you need to adeptly relay your business's value proposition to potential investors. Join us in crafting enduring connections with investors who share your vision and are wholeheartedly committed to your triumph.

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Key Investment Areas:

Acquisition of cutting-edge equipment and machinery to catalyze automation and upgrade initiatives. 

This includes investments in both new and resale assets.

Procurement or construction of state-of-the-art government- and commercially built factories and business premises. 

We offer financing for both new assets and resale assets.

Fixed Assets - Loan Details 

Maximum Loan

  • S$30 million per borrower

Maximum Repayment Period

  • Maximum Repayment Duration: Up to 15 years

Important Notes  

  • We require a due diligence process.
  • We do not require personal or corporate credit assessments. We focus instead on your business's market relevance and growth prospects.
  • Borrowers should be informed of an overall borrower group limit set at S$30 million for Fixed Assets. Furthermore, an overall loan exposure cap of S$50 million per borrower group across all facilities is strictly observed.

Interest Rate

  • Varied and contingent upon the perceived risks associated with the loan

Lender Risk-Share

  • Standard risk share: 50%
  • Young enterprises or those in challenged markets: Up to 70% risk share
  • Borrowers are obligated to repay the full 100% of the loan amount
  • In case of defaults, the partnering Financial Institutions must adhere to their standard commercial recovery procedure, which includes the realization of security. Following this, claims can be made against Lenders for unrecovered amounts based on the risk-share proportion.

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