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Singapore CleanTech Capital


Cleantech Capital

We targeted initiative designed to support project developers, system integrators, and technology and solution enablers who are dedicated to developing technologies and solutions that contribute to the reduction of waste, resource consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions. This program places a special focus on sectors such as clean energy, circular economy, green infrastructure, and clean transportation, all of which play a crucial role in advancing sustainability.

About iCFO Singapore Capital Program – Cleantech

Aligned with the Singapore Cleantech 2030, the iCFO Singapore Capital Program (ISCP) – Cleantech is a strategic initiative aimed at aiding local companies in developing their capabilities, establishing a track record, and seizing growth opportunities within the green economy. The overarching goal is to cultivate a robust ecosystem of companies operating in these sectors, thereby generating economic value, making a positive environmental impact, and creating quality employment opportunities for Singaporeans.

Key Features of the Program:

Our program offers substantial benefits to participants, including a 70% risk-sharing arrangement to incentivize lending from participating Financial Institutions. 

This financial backing is instrumental in facilitating access to capital for projects that align with the green agenda.


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Cleantech Capital - Loan Types and Details

The iCFO Singapore Capital Program – Cleantech offers a variety of loan types to cater to diverse needs within the green sector.
 Here's an overview:

Developmental Capital 

This loan category supports expenses related to green initiatives, including: New product development, Technology development expenses, Consultation and certification fees.

Maximum Loan/borrower: S$3 million

Maximum Repayment Period: Up to 5 years  

Fixed Assets Loan  

For the acquisition of equipment and machinery related to green initiatives, or The construction of factories and purchase of land in support of green projects.

Maximum Loan/borrower:  S$30 million

Maximum Repayment Period: Up to 15 years   

Trade Loan

Trade financing is available for green and sustainable products, inventory, and raw materials

Maximum Loan/borrower:  S$10 million

Maximum Repayment Period: Up to 1 year  

Project Loan  

This category provides financing for both overseas and domestic green projects

Maximum Loan/borrower: S$50 million

Maximum Repayment Period: Up to 20 years   

Venture Debt Loan  

Innovative companies with green initiatives can access financing through Venture Debt & Warrants  

Maximum Loan/borrower:  S$8 million

Maximum Repayment Period: Up to 5 years  

Mergers & Acquisition Loan

For mergers and acquisitions involving target enterprises related to green initiatives.  

Maximum Loan/borrower:  S$50 million

Maximum Repayment Period: Up to 5 years  

Cleantech Capital - Lender Risk Share and Interest Rate 

Lender Risk-share

Green, risk-sharing is set at an impressive 70%. However, it's important to note that borrowers remain responsible for repaying 100% of the loan amount. In case of defaults, participating Financial Institutions are obligated to follow their standard commercial recovery procedures, including the realization of security, before they can make a claim against our Lender for the unrecovered amount in proportion to the risk share.

Interest Rate

Interest rates are subject to the assessment of risks involved by participating Financial Institutions, ensuring that they align with the specific circumstances of each borrower.

Important Notes

We require a due diligence process. We do not require personal or corporate credit assessments. We focus instead on your business's market relevance and growth prospects.

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