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Our unique approach is to utilize our highly specialized skills, deep understanding of your business and capital needs

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Meet the Del Mar Team

Ted Fogliani

General Partner

Ted Fogliani is a seasoned entrepreneur and executive with over 25 years of experience in founding and building successful companies in eCommerce, SaaS, Tech-Enabled Services, Manufacturing, and Logistics.

Ted has proven time and time again that hiring great people to deliver on a clear vision and mission will build value. Ted will incorporate his many years as a CEO and leader, along with many years of raising capital and investing capital to support both our clients and our investors in the iCFO ecosystem.

Khris Thetsy

General Partner

   Khris Thetsy is a serial entrepreneur, strategic investor, and founder of iCFO Capital, LLC., and brings more than a decade of experience as a Chief Financial Officer to the company with years of business management experience in, sales, business development, and marketing. He has been Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer across multiple industries including Telecom, eCommerce, Software, and Food Manufacturing, and Corporate Chief Accounting Officer of Publicly Traded Companies.  His senior financial management experience has led to the planning and implementation of financial operations including raising capital for small entrepreneurial companies, start-up firms, and expanding growth companies. 

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Contact us today to learn more about how the iCFO Capital Del Mar team can assist you with our tailored Investor Relations services. Together, we will unlock the capital necessary to fuel your business growth and achieve your goals.


General Partner
iCFO Capital Del Mar, LLC.

Calendly:  https://calendly.com/ted-fogliani 
Email:  tfogliani@myicfos.com

Website: www.icfocapital.com/sandiego 

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General Partner
ICFO Capital Del Mar, LLC.
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