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Enterprise Sustainability Program 

Integrate sustainability into your business to capture new opportunities in the green economy.

Strengthen your sustainability knowledge and capabilities.

As more countries and businesses embrace sustainable business practices, be part of a growing ecosystem and build sustainability capabilities for long-term business growth.

The Enterprise Sustainability Program (ESP) supports Singapore companies, especially our SMEs, to build capabilities and capture new opportunities. The ESP includes a series of courses designed to help you get better at navigating your sustainability journey and supports various capability and product development projects via the Enterprise Development Grant.

We also work with industry partners to develop sustainability initiatives and Programs and foster a vibrant and conducive sustainability ecosystem. The ESP will support your sustainability journey, no matter which stage you are at.

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Key components of the Enterprise Sustainability Program 

Develop sustainability capabilities in enterprises

The ESP provides training for enterprises to develop an understanding of sustainability and supports sustainability capability development projects and innovative products/services development. 

Strengthen sector-specific capabilities

Partnerships with TACs and corporates to develop sector-specific sustainability initiatives and drive sustainability across value chains and sectors. ​

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Foster a vibrant and conducive sustainability ecosystem

Partnerships with service providers and enablers to strengthen the sustainability ecosystem in training, certification, and financing.

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