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Enterprise Development Grant

The Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) is aimed at assisting Singapore companies in launching new initiatives to upgrade, innovate, and expand their operations both locally and internationally. This grant encourages businesses to submit individual project proposals that detail their specific business plans and anticipated outcomes.

EDG provides financial support for projects that drive business enhancement, innovation, growth, and transformation. Eligible expenses under this grant include third-party consultancy fees, software and equipment costs, and internal manpower costs.

Registration and Operation:

 The business must be registered and actively operating within Singapore.



 Companies need to have at least 30% local equity, held directly or indirectly by Singaporean(s) and/or Singapore PR(s), determined by the ultimate individual ownership.

Financial Readiness:

 Companies must demonstrate financial readiness to commence and complete their projects, typically assessed through indicators like the current ratio.


Application Evaluation

Applications will be evaluated by ISGP based on the scope of the project, expected outcomes, and the competency of the service provider.

Additional Subsidy Opportunities

Companies eligible for the Skills Future Enterprise Credit may also qualify for further subsidies under this scheme.

EDG supports Singapore companies' growth and transformation across three key categories:

Core Capabilities:

 Projects in this category aim to prepare businesses for growth and transformation by strengthening their foundational business strategies. This includes enhancements in areas such as business strategy development, financial management, human capital development, service excellence, and strategic brand and marketing development.

Innovation & Productivity:

Support is available for projects that transform businesses through the introduction of innovative products, processes, and new business models. This category focuses on optimizing resource usage to improve routine operations and overall business performance.

Market Access:

This category helps offset the costs associated with expanding business operations into international markets, supporting companies in establishing a global presence.

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