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Singapore Venture Debt Program


Venture Debt 

The iCFO Singapore Capital Program – Venture Debt offers an innovative financing solution for high-growth startups, providing them with access to capital and financial support to fuel their growth and expansion endeavors.

About iCFO Singapore Capital Program – Venture Debt

The primary goal of the iCFO Singapore Capital Program (ISCP) – Venture Debt is to facilitate the growth of innovative enterprises through the utilization of Venture Debt and Warrants. This program is tailored to support high-growth businesses that lack significant assets for traditional collateral-based bank loans. Under this enhanced program, the venture debt facility can be fortified with warrants or redeemable convertible preference shares.

Enterprises eligible for this program may utilize the loan for various purposes, including:


• Expanding and enhancing existing operational capabilities.

• Diversifying into new product lines or markets.

• Meeting working capital requirements.

• Undertaking innovative projects.

• Pursuing strategic mergers and acquisitions.

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Venture Debt - Loan details 

Maximum Loan Amount

  • S$8 million / borrower
  • Please note that borrowers are subject to an overall borrower group limit of S$20 million for Venture Debt. Additionally, there exists an overall loan exposure limit of S$50 million per borrower group across all facilities.

Maximum Repayment Period

Maximum Repayment Duration: Up to 5 years.

Interest Rate   

Interest rates are subject to the assessment of risks by participating Financial Institutions.

Important Notes

  • We require a due diligence process.
  • We do not require personal or corporate credit assessments. We focus instead on your business's market relevance and growth prospects. 

Lending Partner Risk-Share Details

  • The risk share stands at 50%.
  • Young enterprises² may be eligible for a higher risk share of 70%.
  • Borrowers are responsible for repaying 100% of the loan amount.
  • In the event of defaults, participating Financial Institutions are obliged to adhere to their standard commercial recovery procedures, which may include the realization of security assets. Only after such measures can Financial Institutions make a claim against Enterprise Singapore for the unrecovered amount, with the claim amount determined in proportion to the risk share.

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