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Singapore Working Capital Loan Program


Working Capital Loan 

Your business's success and growth trajectory are our utmost priorities. Choose iCFO Capital Global. Propel your business to unparalleled heights with our expertly crafted financial solutions.

About iCFO Singapore Capital Program –Working Capital Loan

The iCFO Singapore Capital Program (ISCP) – Working Capital Loan is meticulously designed to finance the operational cash flow needs of growth-oriented companies. As part of ICFO Capital Global's commitment to fostering business development and expansion, this program provides critical financial support for enterprises that aim to scale and evolve.

Gain Access To Financing For Operational Cash Flow Needs 

At iCFO Capital Global, we're not just financiers; we're strategic partners dedicated to your success. Our experienced team offers personalized solutions, connecting you with the right mix of Debt and Equity capital tailored to your needs. With our guidance and global network, we help you communicate your value proposition to potential investors, fostering lasting relationships that drive your business forward. We're more than financing; we're your allies in achieving your financial goals.

Working Capital - Loan details

Maximum Loan

S$300,000 / borrower From 1 October 2022 to 31 March 2024: Enhanced limit of S$500,000 per borrower. Note: Borrowers fall under a comprehensive borrower group limit of S$5 million. It's important to be aware that there exists an overall loan exposure cap of S$50 million per borrower group across all facilities offered.

Interest Rate

Determined based on the participating institutions' comprehensive assessment of the risks entailed.

Maximum Repayment Period  

5 years, providing borrowers ample time for repayment. 

Lender Risk-share 

Our Lending Partners maintains a risk share of 50%. Young enterprises² that are just embarking on their growth journey might qualify for an elevated risk share of 70%. Regardless of risk share, the borrower is always accountable for repaying 100% of the loan amount. In cases of default, participating Financial Institutions must adhere to their regular commercial recovery protocol. This includes the necessary realization of security. Only subsequent to these steps can a claim be lodged against our esteemed Lending Partners for the proportionate, unrecovered amount relative to the risk share involved.

Important Notes

We require a due diligence process. We do not require personal or corporate credit assessments. We focus instead on your business's market relevance and growth prospects.

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