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Team Ignite Ventures
We Invest in and Ignite Startup Growth


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Inspire curiosity and a love of coding
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Rule Breaker
Plant-based. Gluten-free. Nut-free. Top 11 Allergen-Free. Deliciously soft-baked. We've got snack time solved!
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Orion Innovations
Where Smart Meets Simple
United States
Alvin Lu
A service that aims to detect AI-generated text from any large language model AI source.
United States
Ready, Set, Slow. Creating the future of climax control for men.
United States
Bending the Health Care Cost Curve in the right direction
United States
Electric Playhouse
Electric Playhouse is an immersive and interactive social entertainment company that offers a unique form of entertainment to customers of all ages.
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Polyn Technology
Breakthrough AI Solutions for Smart Sensors and Analog Front End