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About Schmaltz Restaurant Group

Schmaltz Restaurant Group
Schmaltz Restaurant Group
Spread Jewish Deli Goodness Everywhere
Available from 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM (US/Pacific)
630 862 9096

Schmaltz Deli is a 19-year-old traditional Old World Jewish-style Deli with a modern twist. Our goal is to “Spread Jewish Deli Goodness Everywhere” by expanding our Marketing and growth efforts into new communities and reaching new customers who have limited options near them for the type of food we serve. We will accomplish this through exceptional quality, exemplary Customer service, large portions that provide strong price/value, expanded Catering capabilities, focused Marketing, which promotes us as being “more than JUST great Bagels,” and differentiating our Brand from others however possible. We are achieving our first goal of having our flagship Lisle Schmaltz Deli be recognized as one of the preeminent traditional Old World Jewish style Deli in the Chicagoland area but with a very modern twist and unsurpassed capabilities.