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Describe key products and services offered, customer segments and key value proposition. 

Can your company demonstrate the financial readiness to commence and complete projects?  

Are you willing to allocate the funds for IT solutions or equipment that are purchased, leased, or subscribed to be utilized within Singapore? 

Where is the business currently at? What are the potential opportunities and threats that could affect business growth?  

List top 3 business priorities related to, for example manpower skilling and/or work re-design, in the next 2-3 years to address current business challenges and/or future business directions. 

(State top 3 project aims, in descending order of importance, and how they contribute to business priorities)

Example: Facilitate capability transfer between multi-generational employees through workplace learning. Refer to appendix for more examples. 

(State the desired outcomes of this project. Include specific indicators of success) 

Example: Employees are cross trained to take on higher value jobs. Refer to appendix for more examples. 

(Please give specific KPIs) 

E.g. 5 weeks
E.g. 1. Analysis 
E.g.1. Analysis Report  
E.g. 5 hours  
Separate email addresses with a comma.
Please provide the stages of the product development process and lifecycle.
(Include projected numbers in absolute values. This information will be used solely for internal evaluation purposes.)