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About Smart Biometric Technology

Smart Biometric Technology
Smart Biometric Technology
Available from 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM (US/Pacific)
+1 305-607-3910

Smart Biometric Technology, Inc. is an advanced biometric security technology company that has developed next-generation ID Security cards, Digital Money payment cards, and the World's smallest card reader that can fit on a keychain.

The company has issued USPTO patents for all three of its leading products.  Smart Biometric Technology has completed the engineering of its products and is now ready to go into manufacture.  

We are offering an opportunity to invest in our company.  You will be investing in the next-generation biometric secured ID and secure access card, along with the world's smallest multi-function card reader that can fit on a keychain.  Also, a payment card is designed for digital coin/money point-of-sale payments.  

Our biometric secured ID and secure access card take the security credential to the next level.  There is nothing like it in the world that performs three security functions displaying a digital photo on the card, being used to gain access to secure doorways, and being used as a biometric-enabled card for secure government and corporate log-on to computer networks.   All in one card the size and thickness of a credit card.  All functions of the card are activated only following the successful scan and match of the card holder's fingerprint that is stored inside the card.

Using a nano fingerprint scanner built inside the card, Smart Biometric Technology has created the next level of security for governments and corporations alike.