Offering an alternative option

Sometimes, shifting the focus to a different product or service can help seal the deal. Like when a customer seems iffy about a price point or features. When this occurs, provide another option that better suits their needs. Make sure to offer two options for them to make a selection.
The Alternative Close is a sales closing technique where you present the prospect with two options, both of which lead to a sale. By giving the prospect a choice between two favorable outcomes, you guide them towards making a decision rather than leaving it open-ended.

The Alternative Close leverages the power of choice to create a sense of ownership and involvement for the prospect. It helps to overcome indecisiveness and encourages the prospect to consider the available options, ultimately leading to a decision in favor of one of the presented alternatives.

Salesperson: "Based on your needs, we have two packages available. Option A offers the basic features you require, while Option B includes additional premium features and priority support. Which one would you prefer?"

In this example, the salesperson presents two alternatives, Option A and Option B, each tailored to meet the prospect's needs. By outlining the features and benefits of both options, the salesperson demonstrates the value and creates a clear distinction between the choices.

The prospect is then prompted to express their preference, indicating which option they are more inclined to choose. By presenting the alternatives, the salesperson encourages the prospect to make an active decision, rather than a simple "yes" or "no" response.

The Alternative Close helps the salesperson understand the prospect's priorities and preferences, allowing for a more personalized and targeted approach. Additionally, it can facilitate a smoother close by narrowing down the choices and guiding the prospect towards the most suitable option.

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