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iCFO Capital Global recently partnered with Ubiq to raise $5M.

February 14, 2024 by
iCFO Capital Global recently partnered with Ubiq to raise $5M.
Alejandra Rosas

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA - iCFO Capital Global, Inc., recently partnered with Ubiq to raise $5M from iCFO Capital Global investor network nationwide.

Ubiq Inc. was founded by Steven He in 2017 in Delaware. Ubiq's business focuses on leveraging, connecting, organizing, and managing ubiquitous PCs for large-scale network computing and data storage. So far they have obtained 2 rounds of external investments, developed one public platform, 2 database engines, and 9 products based on their own proprietary technology and intellectual properties, and attracted 5 business customers and 200+ end users. They're now seeking a pre-A round of investment to fund their go-to-market effort. 

They focus on providing safe, reliable, predictable, efficient and cost effective data services and solutions to organizations and end users. Their breakthrough technology is able to leverage, connect, organize and manage ubiquitous large number of PCs participate in providing large scale computation and data storage services, on both Internet as well as corporate intranet.

Ubiq Network is a software-defined network infrastructure and platform that organizes and manages ubiquitous and geographically distributed service nodes (mostly PCs) on a physical network such as the Internet to provide closeby, secure, reliable, and predictable data storage and computation services to user nodes on the network. Their first application on the platform, UBIQ Drive provides online document management and content storage services to end users and organizations. Companies and users are welcome to participate in providing online data services with their own PCs as well as computer equipment that otherwise would have been idle. Companies will have a significant reduction on IT spending by switching to Ubiq Network. No more centralized, expensive, and electric power-hungry data centers

Steven He, Founder & CEO of Ubiq Inc., is an entrepreneur, inventor, system architect, and software engineer. Past experience includes 30+ years working in the software industry. His achievements include 2 startup companies focusing on enterprise software, Cloud computing, and AI technologies; obtaining a patent on network computing from USPTO with 4 more patent applications pending; obtaining 2-round of external investments for R&D; and creating 9 products and one public platform.

For more information about the company, please contact: steven.he@ubiq.network

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