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iCFO Capital Global recently partnered with Simple Ideas to raise $10M.

March 25, 2024 by
iCFO Capital Global recently partnered with Simple Ideas to raise $10M.
Alejandra Rosas

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA - iCFO Capital Global, Inc., recently partnered with Simple Ideas to raise $10M  from iCFO Capital Global investor network nationwide.

They are a “green” biotech company selling hand/cleaning wipes. Their active ingredient is all-natural and from renewable resourced plants. They believe replacing harsh chemicals with effective natural formulations is better for everyone and the environment. They use proprietary intellectual property to make people’s lives better through safer, higher-quality commercial wipes products at supermarkets, hotels, and fitness centers. They have put their wipes products on hold so they can rescue the world community from pandemic diseases.

With their new active ingredient (US Patent 11,583,574), they combine the best of the natural world with the best of scientific procedures to validate performance, optimize delivery methods, and assure safety. They only release effective products that satisfy a real need and make a difference in well-being.

Now they are introducing effective and safe oral anti-pathogen medical countermeasures against COVID-19 and variants, Influenza A H1N1 (pandemic Swine Flu) and Influenza variants, Pneumonia, and Bacterial Infections, including resistant strain “super bugs” like MRSA. They are performing the required preclinical testing toward reapplying for FDA EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) MCM (Medical Countermeasure). The FDA has invited them to reapply for EUA once they complete the specified testing.

Mitchell is the co-founder and original owner of Simple Ideas, he is the formulator of the company's patented PureE, US Patent 11,583,574. He discovered and formulated 10 proprietary health products with market success. B.S. in Excercise Science. 10 years clinician for lifestyle disease intervention.

For more information about the company, please visit: https://simpleideasinc.com/

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