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iCFO Capital Global recently partnered with Ricovr to raise $1.5M.

March 14, 2024 by
iCFO Capital Global recently partnered with Ricovr to raise $1.5M.
Alejandra Rosas

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA - iCFO Capital Global, Inc., recently partnered with Ricovr to raise $1.5M  from iCFO Capital Global investor network nationwide.

RICOVR Healthcare is an innovative medical device company with a patented portable device that can non-invasively detect markers in saliva, providing ultra-sensitive and quantitative medical diagnostics. Their pipeline includes three areas of interest: Drugs of Abuse, Maternal Health, and Infectious Diseases. RICOVR's first commercial assay detects recent cannabis use in workplace settings. Their first use case is saliva-based marijuana recent usage test for workplace and roadside testing. With no FDA approval needed for this vertical, they can get to market faster and with fewer regulatory obstacles. 

RICOVR Healthcare is transforming POC diagnostics with XALIVA. They are commercializing P-FAB technology to launch an ultrasensitive, portable, low-cost reader device and developing tests for high-priority markers that improve access to care. Their THC test is highly accurate, truly portable, and only detects recent marijuana usage.

Dr. Himanshu Bhatia is a physician-scientist and has an extensive background in clinical medicine, basic sciences, and medical devices. He has also published many scientific publications & book chapters and is a Forbes author.

He has worked as a scientist at MD Andersson Cancer Institute, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, the University of Pittsburgh, and Roswell Park Cancer Institute. He also had a successful stint in the corporate world and launched multiple medical devices globally.

For more information about the company, please visit: https://www.ricovr.com/

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