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iCFO Capital Global recently partnered with Greentech Laboratories

December 20, 2023 by
iCFO Capital Global recently partnered with Greentech Laboratories
Alejandra Rosas

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA - iCFO Capital Global, Inc., recently partnered with Greentech Laboratories to raise $5M from iCFO Capital Global investor network nationwide.

"Greentech Laboratories Inc (GTL) is a ‘Science of Life’ and Bioenergy Technology Company focused on disruptive and clinically validated Health and Wellness Consumer Products. These first-in-class products allow the human to advance their own physical and energetic/photonic ‘Human Technology’ from their baseline all the way to a measurably optimized physical presence."

Sharmila Shiva - Founder and CEO

"Sharmilla Shiva Shakti Patil is a Physician, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Yogini, Vedic science Researcher-Innovator, Serial Entrepreneur, and most importantly, a true Visionary Pioneer, on the cutting edge of life. Sharmilla's sincere belief in her products and her passionate commitment to creating a healthier, more conscious world has led her to design some of the most effective wellness treatment solutions for Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Management, Pain and inflammation, Neurodegenerative Diseases, and Anti-Viral/Immunotherapy using natural ingredients and Quantum Energy. Confidence in these advances, coupled with clinically validated data, inspires Sharmilla to commit her entire efforts to improving the quality of life for all humans through social  impact products. By advancing Human Technology, Sharmilla is presenting Humanity with the next generation of disruptive advanced Quantum Wellness.".

For more information about the company, visit: https://www.tracfloapp.com/

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Schedchule a meeting with our General Partner, Bruce Blechman at the following link: https://www.icfocapital.com/r/E7s