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iCFO Capital Global partnered with SeekingSimple to raise $1M in seed round.

February 14, 2024 by
iCFO Capital Global partnered with SeekingSimple to raise $1M in seed round.
Alejandra Rosas

ST LOUIS, MISSOURI - iCFO Capital Global, Inc., partnered with Seeking Simple to raise $1M in a seed round from iCFO Capital Global investor network nationwide.

SeekingSimple leverages consumer behaviors, food product ingredient data, grocery store integration and a simple digital journey to change the trajectory of the most prominent food related diseases.

For food-as-medicine to be effective over the long term, we must reduce the disease-causing ingredients concentrated in household food supplies. SeekingSimple’s Digital Pantry Makeover does exactly that.

Their deep integration with grocers is key to changing the health risks of your population and driving your return on investment

  • Changing the products purchased by households, and in doing so significantly reduces exposure to disease-causing ingredients
  • Provides recommendations that are curated from local stores, providing low-friction access
  • Leverages directed spend to drive the purchase of better foods, which is especially relevant for low-income, higher-risk households
  • Drives the balance between best health outcome and household economics
  • Encourages ongoing repurchase of the new brands through discounts and coupons

Clay Young is a seasoned serial entrepreneur with successful exits on a mission to create a profound impact in the world. His current journey is a culmination of his expertise in consumer purchasing behavior, digital innovation, and a deep-rooted passion for food-data transparency aimed at enhancing people's health.  Clay's focus is on empowering individuals who are at risk or managing food-related diseases to access the right food products, thereby improving their health and overall well-being. Through his latest venture, SeekingSimple, Clay has translated this commitment into action.

For more information about the company, visit: https://www.seekingsimple.com/

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