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Expanding Horizons: iCFO Capital Global Expands Its Presence in Del Mar with the Appointment of General Partner Ted Fogliani

February 20, 2024 by
Expanding Horizons: iCFO Capital Global Expands Its Presence in Del Mar with the Appointment of General Partner Ted Fogliani
Alejandra Rosas

Capital Global, Inc., an investor relations firm headquartered in Del Mar, continues its expansion by welcoming Mr Ted Fogliani, General Partner in Del Mar. 

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, FEBRUARY 2024 - Today, we're thrilled to announce the appointment of our new General Partner, Ted Fogliani, at our Del Mar office. 

Ted Fogliani is a seasoned entrepreneur and executive with over 25 years of experience in founding and building successful companies in eCommerce, SaaS, Tech-Enabled Services, Manufacturing, and Logistics. 

As Founder and Board Member of ShipCalm, and in other companies, Ted provides strategic guidance and support to the management team and the company's visions. During his tenure at ShipCalm he contributed to delivering a customer-centric, tech-enabled solution to eCommerce - focused brands to manage their supply chain, utilizing proprietary software to provide data analytics and actionable insights to its customers. Ted transitioned from the CEO role to the Board Member role in August 2022, after leading ShipCalm's growth and expansion since founding the business in 2016.

Prior to ShipCalm, Ted was the CEO of a leading electronics manufacturing and supply chain company for 20 years, where his company built consumer electronics, key national defense products, and medical devices. Throughout his career Ted has leveraged his bi-lingual skills (Spanish/English) to build out offices, sales channels, and manufacturing in Mexico in addition to US operations. 

Ted has proven time and time again that hiring great people to deliver on a clear vision and mission will build value. Ted will incorporate his many years as a CEO and leader, along with many years of raising capital and investing capital to support both our clients and our investors in the iCFO ecosystem. 

ICFO Capital Global, Inc., headquartered in San Diego with fourteen offices nationwide, provides a platform for Entrepreneurs to connect with our Private Investors, who make direct debt and equity investments for early-stage and expanded growth businesses. We believe any successful financing strategy is based upon thorough preparation before showing your opportunity to a potential investor. Our strategy is to assist each client with creating a capital acquisition program by fine-tuning a comprehensive package of information upon which our investors can base their funding decisions. 

Ted Fogliani | tfogliani@myicfos.com 

Khris Thetsy | kthetsy@myicfos.com 

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